Harare Offices Moving

With a view towards providing better and more accessible service to our customers, we have decided to close our Southerton offices and open 2 new offices. A new sales office is now open at No. 2 Edison Crescent, Graniteside, Harare. This office provides sales for both OEM and Aftermarket New Parts. We have also opened offices at Stand No. 19654 Tilcor Industrial, Chitungwiza. This office houses our Truck Workshop, New Parts Sales, Second Hand Spares as well as our Administration departments.

We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to provide the products and services you have always enjoyed from us!

You can contact us on +263712 865 270/1 , +263772 869 540 , +263772 954 845 or +263844 088 570/1

In anticipation of another year of booming business in 2014, we have stocked up on top-of-the-range spare parts to ensure that your truck spares needs are catered for.

Our newly arrived stock includes 14 and 15 Inch Clutch Assemblies, Front and Rear Shock Absorbers, Springs, Water Pumps for Detroit and Cummins engines, 12 Volt Starters, Flange Nuts, Brake Chamber Pipes and much more.

Visit our "Spare Parts" page to see what else we have in stock!!!


 U-Joint SPL250
 Clutch Assembly(14 & 15 inch)  Shocks, Front & Rear, Columbia
Pipe, Air Brake Chamber  Water Pump
 Springs, Front, 2 Blade, Century

Social Media

Zimapan now has a blog as well as a Twitter feed. On these we will be posting very helpful information tips about the trucking industry as well as about ourselves. We are definitely moving with technology and embracing the advantages of social media to both us and our customers!!!

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Special Offer on the following goods:

  • ADG 9 Air Dryer(Was $214, now $180)
  • Air Dryer Cartridge, black(Was $46, now $38)
  • Air Dryer Cartridge, white(Was $46, now $35)
  • Brake Chamber-Type 3030(Was $60, now$46)
  • Brake Chamber-Type 2430DD(Was $55, now $46)
  • Columbia Grill(Was $700, now $450)
  • Century Class Grill(Was $700, now $490)
  • Columbia Headlamps(Was $400, now $245)
  • Century, old type, Headlamp Bezel(Was $411, now $115)
  • Century, new type, Headlamp Bezel(Was $118, now $85)
  • Columbia Headlamp Bezel(Was $90, now $80)

Visit any one of our branches for these, and many more products at unbeatable prices.


 ADG 9 Air Dryer Brake Chambers
Air Dryer Cartridge-White  Air Dryer Cartridge-Black
Freightliner Columbia Grill
Century Class Grill



Century Headlight Bezel
Columbia Headlight Bezel