Oils & Lubricants

Our range of Seahorse oils and lubricants include:


  • SAE-10W/40

  • SAE-70

  • SAE-15W/40

SAE-10W/40 is a semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil produced with highest quality mineral oils and special synthetic additives. It protects the engine in all climatic conditions. It is designed to protect its viscosity during the entire oil life. Special synthetic ingredients maximizes engine performance.


SAE-70 is a multi-purpose mono-grade motor oil for use in gasoline and diesel engines. This oil is especially suitable for heavy working conditions and in all four seasons due to its special formulation.
SAE-15W-40 is a multigrade engine oil suitable for diesel and gasoline engines of cars and vans. It is produced of paraffinic base oil and performance additives. It ensures very good performance for leaded and unleaded fuel engines under heavy working conditions.












  • Hydraulic Oil Image

  • Hydraulic Oil Description



HD 68 is developed with special base oils to use at all hydraulic systems using precision servo-valves at high pressure. It can also be used in air compressors and gearboxes.












  • Coolant Image

  • Coolant Description






ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT is used to prevent freezing of the cooling water at all gasoline and diesel engines for four seasons. Its formula is based on mono-ethylene glycol combined with special additives for superior properties. It prevents freezing of the engine by lowering the freezing point of cooling water in cold climates. But also it prevents boiling of radiator water in hot days by increasing the boiling points of radiator water. Therefore it provides perfect performance of radiator water at all climates and all road conditions. 












  • Transmission Oil Image

  • Transmission Oil Description




ATF DEXRON II is an automatic transmission fluid manufactured with high technology using special oils and additives. It can be safely used at passenger cars, automatic gearboxes and transmissions and gearboxes and heavy vehicles.












  • Gear Oil Image

  • Gear Oil Description




SAE 80W-90 is developed by combining high-tech base oils and resistant package additives. It is a high performance heavy-duty automotive gear oil, especially suitable for bevel and helical gears, axles and differentials, manual gearboxes and final drive units.











  • Grease Image

  • Grease Description





GREASE G3 is developed for maximum performance by blending high-quality base oils, calcium soap and special additives. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications due to its special chemical formulation.












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